There are many counter-top material options to choose from, and it can be a challenge for homeowners to settle on one material over another. One of the choices you have if considering a new counter-top is quartz. To find out if a quartz counter-top might be right for you, consider the following 10 reasons people choose these for their home:

1 – The Appearance of Quartz

If you think back over the years, you may have a vision of your parents or grandparents old linoleum counter-tops, and that vision may not be a pretty one. Fortunately, quartz is about as far away from that vision as you can get. There are hundreds of color options when choosing quartz counter-tops, and there are a number of different colors, patterns and textures available. This allows a homeowner to choose the right counter-top to match their existing decor, or to remodel a kitchen around a quartz counter-top.

2 – The Strength of Quartz

Contrary to popular belief, quartz counter-tops are not slabs of natural quartz stone. However, they are made up of about 90 percent natural quartz, which has been ground and mixed with coloring and binders. This mixture brings many benefits to the homeowner including a strength that is stronger than most any other counter-top option on the market. Quartz is comparable to natural stone, such as granite, when it comes to strength, but it does not feel as hard to the touch. ( )

3 – The Cost of Quartz

Most homeowners have a budget to keep in mind when it comes to their counter-tops, and in addition to the cost, value is also a concern. Quartz is reasonably priced, and it adds a lot of value to the home. This counter-top material also gives the home a lot of curb appeal, which is important when it comes to selling the home.

4 – The Durability of Quartz

Quartz is a non-porous material, which makes it extremely durable. Other materials, such as natural stone, contains pores, which means it may absorb liquids. In addition to this, the quartz material can hold up to the rigors of a busy kitchen.

5 – The Anti-Bacterial Qualities of Quartz

Quartz counter-tops are manufactured in a way to reduce the likelihood that bacteria will grow on the surface of the counter-top. This makes quartz an ideal counter-top for food preparation, and though you should always clean up after preparing food, many of the quartz counter-top options are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation ( for anti-bacterial features.

6 – The Low Maintenance of Quartz

For most homeowners, it is very important that the counter-top option they choose be low maintenance and user-friendly. Quartz easily fits the bill. It is very easy to clean with mild soap and water, or you can purchase an over-the-counter cleanser that is specifically made for quartz. There is generally no other necessary maintenance.

7 – The Colorfastness of Quartz

Another reason people love quartz counter-tops is that the color does not fade over time. In addition, since it is a man-made material, a quartz counter-top will have a design and color that appears throughout. You can also be sure, when choosing quartz, that the pattern will not vary from piece to piece.

8 – The Anti-Scratch Properties of Quartz

Thanks to the manufacturing process, quartz does not scratch, unlike other materials on the market. Instead, homeowners who have these slabs will never have to worry about scratches. You can even cut on quartz without a cutting board, but one is recommended as cutting on this surface can dull knives.

9 – The Virtually Maintenance Free Features of Quartz

Since quartz is such an overall good material and perfectly designed for the kitchen, those who choose this material will never have to worry about long-term maintenance. For instance, some counter-top materials may need sealed occasionally, but quartz is not one of them. All a homeowner needs to do is wipe away messes as they occur. This is the extent of caring for quartz.

10 – The Heat and Stain Resistance of Quartz

Finally, many homeowners love that quartz is both heat and stain resistant. Heat, oil, wine, coffee and vinegar can all be placed on a quartz surface without harm. Hot pots can be placed on a quartz counter-top, too, and you won’t have to worry about damaging the counter-tops. However, though quartz can hold up to all of the hustle and bustle in a kitchen, it is recommended that homeowners take steps to care for their quartz as well as possible, as no material is indestructible.

These are only a few of the many reasons that people prefer quartz when choosing new counter-tops for their kitchen. As you can see, there are a number of different benefits to choosing a quartz counter-top, but as with any purchase, research is recommended. One of the best things a homeowner can do before choosing a quartz counter-top to is make an appointment and talk with a professional