Our unmatched Quartz products can be used for all kinds of flooring, covering, exterior, kitchen and bathroom countertop, elevated flooring and stairs.

Jax Quartz - Hand Selected Works of Art - dreamy render

Kitchen island inside elegant and expensive house

We provide quartz-based composite slabs with the latest and innovative Breton technology.

Quartz has a MOHS hardness rating of 7 making it more durable than marble and granite. Our Quartz products have great advantages against the alternatives in floor and worktop applications thanks to its high scratch resistance, chemical resistance and stain-resistant structure making. It is easily applicable in all areas where natural stone can be used. Our Quartz products are hygienic, unlike natural stone, due to the lack of capillary cracks in the structure that aid in absorption of water, bacteria and environmental factors. And since each one is a design product, it adds elegance to your life with its wide color options